TOP procedures for neck rejuvenation at different ages

neck rejuvenation treatments

Rejuvenation procedures are popular among young and old women, because everyone wants to look better and look younger. Over the years, age gives not so much the face as the neck - wrinkles and locks appear. You can not ignore this process and forget about the neck, doing only the face, otherwise there will be no complex effect. Consider the modern advanced techniques used by the cosmetologists of our center for the rejuvenation of the neck and décolleté.

How does the neck age?

The structure of the neck skin is different from other areas. It is thinner, there is practically no layer of fat. From there, wrinkles appear more quickly, and over time, deep folds. There are fewer melanocyte cells on the skin in the neck area, which protects it from drying out under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. An open neckline in the sun is not the best way to preserve a woman's youth and beauty.

The withered skin on the neck strikes everyone who sees a woman with a beautiful, well-groomed face, bright eyes and a smile. To avoid this contrast, it is necessary to follow a course of procedures to rejuvenate this area, for which there are several effective techniques.

Changes in the cervical region begin to occur from the age of 30, at this age the first wrinkles are already noticeable, the skin becomes drier than before. Other signs of aging include the appearance of wisps - veins, sagging areas of skin. At the same time, home remedies will not solve the problem, and creams have a preventive effect, but will not affect sagging in any way. Ring-shaped wrinkles are also called "Rings of Venus", such monisto will not be removed by any cream, if it has already appeared. Dermatologist doctors specialize in this area and provide training in the procedures at our center.

TOP procedures for neck rejuvenation

In prevention at home, you can use sunscreens and moisturizers for the décolleté from an early age to prolong youth. Among the cosmetic procedures for skin rejuvenation in the neck and décolleté there are:

  1. Facelift - it can be performed with or without surgery. The non-surgical facelift is popular, it consists of injections of fillers from modern natural preparations, mainly based on hyaluronic acid.
  2. Injection restructuring is a procedure aimed at changing the skin using plasmolifting, mesotherapy injections and biorevitalization.
  3. Hardware techniques - fractional laser thermolysis, ELOS rejuvenation.

Aesthetic medicine and cosmetology face two main problems - dry skin and sagging, which causes wisps and wrinkles. With the initial changes, effective methods are mesotherapy and microcurrent therapy, photorejuvenation, fractional microneedle therapy. In the presence of a second chin - intralipotherapy. With strong changes in old age, biorevitalization, biorepair with peptides, plasmolifting, biostrengthening of the oval of the face, mesothreads and botox are used. Injection techniques in combination with peeling give the best result.

Restore volume and eliminate ptosis

Non-surgical facelift is performed in two ways - lipofilling or the introduction of fillers. The technique allows you to eliminate sagging and achieve volume. To do this, fillers of preparations can be introduced into the skin, or during lipofilling, the patient's own fat is injected under the skin. The cosmetologist helps to choose one or another method, examining the patient's condition. Contour plastic surgery is performed if the patient has only wrinkles and no sagging, the facelift takes place in a complex.

To eliminate gravitational ptosis of the face, when the vertical strands sag and a cavity forms between them, it is possible to use the Botox technique. In addition, the non-surgical facelift with injections allows you to fill in the sagging.

Restore skin tone on the neck

Suitable for this:

  • mesotherapy - injections in minimal doses with special cocktails;
  • plasmolifting - the resources of the patient's own blood are used;
  • biorevitalization - injections of hyaluronic acid preparations.

These products are suitable for all ages. You should also choose a method only with a beautician, as there may be contraindications and features.

Laser facelift for cellular restoration

Laser rejuvenation is suitable when it is necessary to even out the skin and eliminate wrinkles, and other moisturizers do not help. The laser renews the surface of the skin, refreshing the color and the structure. Laser treatment is performed instead of a facelift, if you do not need to eliminate other problems with sagging or the formation of a double chin.